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Research Continues and Weekend Recap

Hey everyone!

This morning I had a research meeting. I was feeling pretty nervous because the doctor overseeing my research was going to be reading my manuscript and giving me feedback. It is definitely superficial, but wearing a cute outfit makes me feel more confident.

Shirt- Banana Republic via Clothes Mentor. Skirt- J. Crew via Clothes Mentor

Shirt- Banana Republic via Clothes Mentor. Skirt- J. Crew via Clothes Mentor

I had no reason to be nervous, though, because my mentor gave me GREAT feedback on my manuscript. She gave me some very minor revisions, but said it looks like it is about ready to submit! I did not enter this summer with the intention to first author a manuscript! I am so surprised and excited about what I was able to accomplish this summer.

I wanted to recap a little of the weekend. Dan and I went back to Cleveland. He had an appointment up there, and I at the last minute, decided to go with him. Friday was spent on the 4 hours car ride from Cincinnati to Cleveland and then at the doctor’s office. We went to dinner at B Spot. Then we walked around Crocker Park, an outdoor mall. That night we relaxed and watched Big Love.

On Saturday we intended to go to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but rain was in the forecast. We didn’t want to make the 40 minute drive to the park just to get rained on. Instead, we opted for a walk around the city of Cleveland.

2014-07-19 13.05.46-2

About 3 minutes after I took this photo, it started pouring rain. We were on a bridge where there was no shelter and we were over a mile away from the car. Needless to say, we were drenched by the time we got back to the car. It was so fun to run like a maniac in the rain, though.

Prior to our walk, we went out to breakfast at Latitude 41. I forgot to snap a photo of my breakfast until it was half eaten…

2014-07-19 10.56.16

I absolutely loved Latitude 41. Dan and I both got the $4.95 Menage a Trois special. This special is available Monday-Saturday before 11am. You get 2 eggs however you like, toast, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausages, homefries, and coffee. For $1 extra, you can add 2 additional items to your breakfast which include: pan-seared oatmeal, the Ma3 quesadilla, french toast, pancake, fried tomato, fresh fruit, english muffin, an extra egg, cheese on eggs, or homemade coffee cake. Dan and I both got extras just so we could sample more of what the  restaurant had to offer. I had the pan-seared oatmeal and fresh fruit. Dan had the pancake and french toast. I was not a huge fan of the oatmeal, but I loved everything else. The french toast was amazing, though. It was like they used a cinnamon roll to make it with instead of bread.

We relaxed for the afternoon before heading out that night to celebrate Dan’s friend’s birthday.

2014-07-19 19.58.18-2

I am making a serious conscious effort to take more pictures!

2014-07-19 22.57.21-2

The Tower City Lights were Cleveland Cavalier’s colors! Welcome home Lebron! After a night of drinks, dinner, and fun at the casino, we had brunch with Dan’s parents on Sunday and headed back to Cincinnati.

2014-07-18 13.12.52-2

Gotta love those freaky signs on I-71 between Cleveland and Cincinnati!




My Week, Reproductive Endocrinology

Hey everyone,

Last week I worked like a busy bee on my research manuscript. The writing continues again starting Monday. Womp womp. I’ve come to the realization that I dislike research for several reasons. Firstly, I am a horrid writer. The thoughts come together in my head, but they do. not. translate onto my paper.

Truth time: I scored in the 9th percentile on the writing portion of the MCAT. As in 91% of people who took the MCAT scored higher than me on the writing section. And…I have told people that English is my second language. Yikes. I know.

The second reason I’m not a huge fan of doing research is that it takes so long to produce a final product. And even when you do write an abstract and a manuscript, you then have to wait to see if that abstract gets accepted at a conference and for the manuscript to be published in a journal. And the chance of being accepted to the conference I want and being published in my first choice journal is not as high as I would like (considering all the blood, sweat, and tears going into my project!)

2014-07-14 14.13.43

In case you’re wondering, this is what my research has looked like as of late.

But, the fact that I don’t love research is actually great since I am going to be a clinician anyways!

One of my interests in medicine is women’s health. My research project for the summer is actually in the Ob/Gyn department, and I am potentially interested in pursuing that specialty. Although I am doubtful that I’m cut out for the surgery lifestyle. Anyways, on Tuesday I shadowed a reproductive endocrinologist. A reproductive endocrinologist is a doctor who goes through the traditional 4-year Ob/Gyn residency then completes a 3-year fellowship in reproductive endocrinology. Reproductive endocrinologists address hormonal issues relating to reproduction and infertility.

2014-07-16 14.11.42

Outfit I wore shadowing: Top- Loft Outlet, Skirt- Kismet (A boutique I live by)


Add on the white coat, and I'm good to go! ;)

Add on the white coat, and I’m good to go! 😉










I saw some pretty cool cases while shadowing. One couple was considering IVF, but struggling with how it goes against their religion. I have trouble with the whole medicine conflicting with religion thing. I just can’t fathom letting my religion get in the way of something as serious/amazing/life-changing/life-defining as having a child. But, that is an entire post of it’s own. I also saw a couple come in with their baby who had been successfully born via IVF, and that was pretty amazing. It would be such a fulfilling career to help people who struggle with infertility become pregnant. If I do decide on Ob/Gyn, I could definitely see myself going into reproductive endocrinology.

2014-07-15 18.55.55

Tuesday night, Dan and I grilled steaks and asparagus. We had some cornbread and pesto pasta salad as well. After living together for 2.5 weeks, we managed to cook 1 meal together. Dan and I are on different work/eating schedules. He usually doesn’t get home from work until 7pm. And, I am usually pretty hungry for dinner by 5pm. So, we usually do our own thing for dinner. But, it’s nice to plan 1 or 2 meals to make together during the week. This week we are grilling shrimp! I will just have to eat an afternoon snack to hold me over.

2014-07-15 19.49.07

And Dan even volunteered to do the dishes Tuesday night! How’d I get so lucky!?

It’s bed time now, but there’s a lot I want to tell you about my weekend, and also my (possible) return to running, so I’ll update soon!



VLOG: My Take on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about the Hobby Lobby decision made last week by the US Supreme Court. As a woman, a future healthcare professional, a person who uses contraception, and a feminist, it is clearly something I have a few opinions about. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Clinical Skillz Exam

Hey everyone.

I am currently in the very end of the musculoskeletal block. Today I had my Clinical Skills exam. The clinical skills exams are basically simulated patient encounters, so there are actors and actresses that play the role of the patient. They describe why they are at the doctor’s office, and we have to do a history and physical exam to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. So, basically I get to wear my white coat and play doctor.


(This picture is pretty old! It’s from back in September after my first time shadowing at Cincinnati Children’s. I need to take more pictures in my white coat.)

Anyways, Clinical Skills exams make me SO nervous. I usually get a little bit anxious before tests, but Clinical Skills takes my test anxiety to a whole other level. I really don’t have a problem interacting with patients. I think I am pretty good at it, actually. But, I get so nervous that I will forget something or that I won’t be able to come up with a diagnosis or I won’t know what to say. I actually envision myself breaking down in tears, running out of the room, and failing. Obviously, none of that happened today. I had two smooth, comfortable patient encounters and made two correct diagnoses.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 9.05.00 PM

(OSCE=Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

After my exam, I studied a bit more. I have a gross anatomy final exam tomorrow. The exam is 80 minutes long. We walk around the gross anatomy lab, answering questions about various structures tagged on our cadavers. I hate gross anatomy. I hate learning anatomy in general. I do not find it interesting. I do not enjoy dissection. And the number one thing I’ve learned in the musculoskeletal block is that I will not become an orthopedist, a sports medicine doctor, or a neurologist.

So, after studying anatomy, a little of this happened…


I am so obsessed with House of Cards! I was skeptical before I started watching it because I don’t normally like political dramas, but House of Cards is SO MUCH MORE.

This happened also…


Oats in a Jar. If you don’t know what oats in a jar is, do yourself a favor and Google it right now. Here’s the gist: you have to wait until you have an almost empty jar of peanut butter. Then, you make oatmeal (however you like it) and dump the hot oats into the almost empty jar of peanut butter which gets all warm and creamy and amazing. Oats in a jar days are special days, the best days.

Lucky for me I eat at least 1 jar of peanut butter a week, so oats in a jar days are not too rare around these parts.

Also, Peanut Butter Co. White Chocolate Wonderful is insanely good.

Okay…time for me to veg out. I have a 5am workout tomorrow, and I need to kick some gross anatomy booty right afterwards.